There are so many truly beautiful children who are struggling with anxiety, stress, self-worth, scattered thoughts, lack of focus etc.  It doesn’t seem to matter what words of wisdom mum or dad or other important people around them try to share to help them feel good about themselves again, they just don’t seem to hear it.  I have a real passion for working with children/teenagers/adolescents to help them understand themselves and to see their own unique awesomeness and the potential they have.  To help them relax enough to let some light back into what can sometimes be a very dark perspective of themselves is one of my greatest pleasures.

Have you ever tried to learn/listen/understand something while you are experiencing extreme pressure?  It’s not easy ☹.  Equally difficult to calm your mind on your own when a heightened, unbalanced Energy level is your version of normal.  Now imagine (remember?) experiencing all that as a kid!  For young people, their life experiences thus far may not have given them the tools to work out what is really going on for them physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually so how on earth are they supposed see the light at the end of the tunnel when they may not even be looking in the right direction?!?  Reassuring, intuitive guidance can go a long way towards assisting them to see where they really are right now and where they are going.

My personal belief is that if we can give kids some mental and emotional breathing space while they are in whichever hectic, mystifying phase of their life they currently find themselves, we can then see them being more receptive to understanding and utilising the best tools that will work for them at this moment and perhaps well into their bright future.

I have a 2 night Relaxation Retreat for 8 – 12yo’s (and their Mums!) scheduled for February 9th – 11th 2018 at the magnificently peaceful home-style Healing Centre, Frangipani House in Sorrento.  Kids and Mum’s/Female Care Givers will have the opportunity to try techniques such as meditation, various creative outlets, crystal healing, aromatherapy, beach walks and grounding in a supportive and caring environment. Meals and accommodation included. Retreats tailored for other age groups are also being run next year.  Contact me for more information and booking.

Love & Abundance,