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From the time I was tiny, I have always
had a heart felt desire to help others.

Having the skills to do it Energetically is an absolute honour I am delighted to share!


With my Clair senses firing on all cylinders, I enjoy lightening the load for my clients & assisting them to create a life they thrive in.


Using my Psychic Intuitive skills, I help people release the burden of their past experiences & truly connect back to the Awesome brightness that is already inside of them but has been a little lost or clouded over.


I am the creator of three oracle card decks (two on the sweary side plus a loving & gentle one perfect for kids) which have sold over 10,000 copies worldwide & have all been inspired by my desire to make Energy work simple & accessible to everyone.  


I Love to travel & will likely to be coming to your Aussie state sometime soon, so keep an eye on my socials & the events page if you'd like to be part of an in person group session. Individual sessions are available all year round, either online or in person at my home in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.


My Approach

Psychic Energy Clearing is a beautiful way to release stagnant Energy & allow you to feel Lighter, Brighter & Calmer within yourself. Why not participate in a way that eliminates the fluff & bullshit so we can get straight to the point & start sorting shit out?!?

While the transformation you will experience is very difficult to describe, the effects of it are AMAZING! 


So many of my clients are grateful to be able to connect into the perspectives of the past, clear out the heaviness & crap from their present & allow a magnificently positive vibe to flow, opening them to all things available to them in the future. 


Whether you choose to engage with me in a Healing session, Meditation, Group course or 1:1 Mentoring, you will Love the support, guidance & understanding you receive, while shifting you away from all the fear, doubt & Energetic heaviness that has held you back. 

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