My Story



I’ve always known I was “here to  help”.  It just took me quite a while to find exactly what that was!


Decades were spent dabbling in Woo Woo & developing my skill while working various admin roles. I am very grateful for the ‘Fuck It’ moment I had in my early 40’s which propelled me out of doing what I Love as a side gig, into filling my Heart & Soul with this work full time.


I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is to be offering my Psychic Intuitive skills to help people release the burden of past experiences & truly connect back into the Awesome brightness that we all  have inside of us. 


Offering Spiritual Development, Mentoring, Retreats on top of the 1:1 & group sessions that are available gives you lots of options to work with me.


My Approach

Psychic Intuitive Energy Work is a beautiful way to release stagnant Energy & allow you to feel Lighter & Brighter.  Why not participate in a way that eliminates the fluff & bullshit so we can get straight to the point & start sorting shit out!


While the transformation you will experience is very difficult to describe, the effects of it are AMAZING!  So many of my clients are grateful to be able to connect into the perspectives of the past, clear out the heaviness & crap from their present, to allow a magnificently positive to all things available to them in the future. 


Whether you choose to engage with me in a Meditation, Healing session, Group course or 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring you will Love the support, guidance & understanding you receive while shifting you away from all the fear, doubt & Energetic heaviness that has held you back.