In my line of work (seems funny calling it ‘work’ because I love it so much!) confidentiality is a BIG deal.  You can be assured that any information that comes up in your session, even the fact that you have attended a Psychic Reading or Energy Clearing session with me, will remain confidential.  I feel very strongly that the information coming through for you from Spirit/Guides/Angels/ Passed Loved Ones/Whoever-is-on-the-other-side is for YOU and you can share that with however you wish.  It is not mine to share.

Sometimes I’m telling clients things that they haven’t even been aware of or able to admit to themselves.  Other occasions clients will feel comfortable enough to “down load” what’s been REALLY upsetting them for a loooooong time because that is the best way for them to heal the issue and move forward with a brighter perspective, which of course is the whole point of Healing/Energy Clearing.  With messages from Spirit coming through me for you I feel very honoured to be trusted by you and Spirit to deliver those messages accurately and with no strings attached.  What’s the point hearing what really needs to be heard if part of you is concerned about who else will hear it too?!?  No concerns required when you allow yourself to relax in my Healing Room.

I am also very aware that Energy work is not exactly ‘Main Stream’ and clients may not be comfortable sharing with others the fact that they have tried an alternative healing modality or felt compelled to visit a Psychic.  I’ve had many clients that have had their own friends or mutual acquaintances attend a relaxing and rejuvenating Healing session, but they will never hear that from me.

When I work with children I feel this is particularly important, especially to teenagers!  Remember that mixed bag of emotions we felt as teenagers?  Angry, confused, unsure of ourselves, stressed, lost, misunderstood, vulnerable just to name a few.  Of course, parents always sit in on the session, but I take great care to ensure that my own family members and others aren’t aware of who has visited unless the client wants to share that information themselves.

An Energy Clearing session can be so beneficial in releasing a wide range of draining emotions or blockages.  Feeling safe and emotionally comfortable enough to relax is such a huge part of helping you let go of “negative Energy” so that you can really unwind and live your life as the brightest, happiest version of yourself.  I’m very passionate about confidentially and helping you remember that beautiful feeling inside of you when your smile really connects to your heart.  You deserve to enjoy life.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx