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Corporate Workshops


Are you looking for ongoing, consistent, energetic support? Perhaps you are looking to develop your psychic ability & intuition…..

Let me help you uncover & expand the many Magnificent things about YOU!  Mentoring gives us the chance to access consistent session time plus ongoing support between sessions via our 1:1 messaging app.  You will be able to reach out at any time & have your query (or encouragement!) delivered within 24 hours.  We get to utilise my Intuition & Guidance for you to flourish in all aspects of your life.


I recently completed a month of 1:1 mentoring with Lyndy & I came out the other side with so much more clarity and confidence in my intuition. I love how Lyndy works with how I work and helps me enhance my gifts rather than pushing how she works onto me. I highly recommend working with Lyndy with refining your intuition & using your unique gifts in the world products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!

Kirsten Albon

I did 3 months mentoring with Lyndy and it was paramount on my spiritual journey. It was amazing to have Lyndy and her guidance on tap. I would highly highly recommend Lyndy's mentoring to anyone who is on their spiritual journey

Kasia Bourke

Being in Lyndy's space and energy is incredible!

I loved the group mentoring. I was able to expand my abilities, and was able to pick up great tips. Being part of a group mentoring enables you to ask questions and get answers from others as well as Lyndy's expert advice.

I loved it so much, I have now taken on 1:1 mentoring to expand even more with my psychic abilities.

Bree Sheridan

I’ve been receiving mentoring with Lyndy since January 2021 and it has been the best investment.

Lyndy is both knowledgeable and grounded. Full of bright light, fun and awesomeness. She tailors mentoring to where I am at and my circumstances.


Lyndy is an incredible mentor. She genuinely loves mentoring people with their intuitive gifts and shares her downloads and experiences. Lyndy is lovingly honest and lovingly direct. There is no room for misinterpretation and I love this.


In mentoring, my intuitive gifts and skills have grown Lyndy has helped me build up my spiritual business and spiritual growth. I’ve cleared so much energy and had energetic shifts and healings. I have gone from offering only audio readings to online readings. I’ve started to gain and attract clients and enquires. The engagement on my lives is growing too.


So if you are wanting to grow your intuition and intuitive gifts, as well as receive beautiful guidance and honest feedback, all wrapped in fun and vibrancy, then Lyndy is your mentor.

Amanda Nicole

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