What keeps you moving forward?  What is it that you LOVE doing?  What’s the thing that has you out of bed and functioning before you have time to think “But it’s warm and snug in here! I’m not adulting today”.

For some of the population, their job is what they love.  The challenge, the reward or the comradery   has them focused on employment goals and thriving on their career.  For others, it’s family and the joy of seeing each member of their family unit shine to the best of their ability.  Sport or community involvement might be what keeps others focused and determined.  Being involved with a whole group of people and helping everyone strive for ‘Team’ goals brings a sense of excitement and accomplishment.  Art is another great source of motivation for many people; whether that is creating or experiencing visual art, music, writing, theatre etc.

Most important in all the above examples is people’s connection to things around them that keep that internal fire of motivation and enthusiasm burning which keeps them striving to learn, do, be, achieve more for themselves.  I remember very clearly feeling very flat and just having a sense of being ‘lost’.  I was asked by a friend “what makes you happy?” and I couldn’t answer that question.  Such a bizarre feeling!  I’d never thought to really ask that super important question of myself.  And I’ve gotta say it took me AGES to find the source of my internal sparkle.

At the time I felt compelled to say “family”, and while I really do love them dearly and would do anything for them, constantly sorting out the day to day stuff, cleaning (ugh!!!) the house for them to mess up almost instantly and cooking meals they complained about just didn’t bring me a sense of joy if I was being truly honest about it!  When my friend pushed further for a heartfelt answer I told her I’d have to get back to her.  I couldn’t even think of one thing that I did just for me at that time in my life, that brought me a true sense of happiness.  Sure, seeing the kids happy made me happy too but it’s a whole different thing to do something just for you.

Naturally, my shocking sense of direction took me the long way around to find my connection to what I truly love to do!  But long story short Energy & Psychic work is what I am very passionate about and I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to have found the thing that I absolutely LOVE to do.  The flow on effect of having found what I love is that I feel more motivated in general. And it turns out that all the things I felt were “mistakes” along the way to this point have actually been brilliant little gems of learning that I often utilise when doing Readings or Clearings.

But enough about me!  I’m going to ask YOU the question – What makes you Happy?  Truly, properly, really, honest-to-god, down to the bottom of your cotton socks HAPPY?!?  It doesn’t need to be something you can do for a living, as long as you can be the happiest version of yourself, that is all that matters.  If you feel need  help finding that bright and shiny part of your innermost self, don’t go the long way around  like I did.  Contact me via text, FB or my website so we can work together to maximise the joy, enthusiasm, fun and motivation inside of you ASAP!

Love & Abundance,