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I’d Love for you to Love all the versions of yourself. Yes, there are many versions & they are all Awesome. Even the shitty, bitchy, cranky ones! 😉

We think that we need to be happy all the time, “on” all the time, calm all the time. We can accidentally get sucked in to thinking that people around us expect us to be happy all the time.

Fuck it, none of that is true.

Sometimes the shitty version of us needs to come out & we need to be ok with that. It’s not all of who you are. Nothing is all of who you are.

All these little bits of weirdness & awesomeness make up who you are. Own the fact that you are a bit of everything & that is fucking brilliant because you are.

We worry endlessly about what other people perceive. Who gives a fuck?!? What people think about you is none of your business. You’re you & that’s it, end of story!

Every version of you; the stressed out, cruisy, happy, cranky, anxious, excitable versions of you, are all amazing & absolutely worth loving.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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