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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

When we first begin to tune into our intuition, we’ll often notice a lot of synchronicities with numbers. We’ll start to see repetitive double numbers, triple numbers or sometimes quadruple numbers. We may even start seeing a particular number sequence that pops up everywhere in our daily lives.

Personally for me, if the numbers are sequential, that means something to me. Seeing those numbers is a good thing.

For me, they represent the Universe, my Angels and Guides tapping me on the shoulder, getting my attention to give me a message. Almost like little nudges from my Angels and Guides simply trying to make me aware of what I was thinking when I saw the actual numbers.

You might speak to 500 other spiritual people who don’t see numbers at all and that’s ok, but for me numbers are a thing I see all the time.

I personally believe every time we see sequential numbers, there is an opportunity to stop and actually tune into what we are thinking about.

If you have just started to see number patterns or sequences, how do you feel when you see them? What comes up for you? Do you get a rush when you see them? Do you experience a sense of excitement when you see them? Do you get a feeling that you are more connected to the Universe than usual when you see them?

The answers to these questions are all signs from Spirit, that your Angels and Guides are around you and they have your back. So being aware of how you feel when you see the numbers is very significant.

Please know that your own unique interpretation of whichever number patterns or sequences you are seeing is the most important aspect of it all. I am only giving you some guidance on how it works for me.

Angel number 1, 11.11 or 1.11 etc.

There are so many people out there who see the number pattern 11.11 or 1.11. These sequences represent a big hello from your Angels and Guides. They are basically telling you they are there with you, watching over you.

For me personally, when I see 11.11 or 1.11 I also receive the message from those numbers as a yes answer. So whenever I see the number 1 in a pattern, I go back to the thought I was having and pause for a moment to focus on the question I was asking at the time I saw the numbers.

Angel number 2, 2.22 or 2222 etc.

The number 2 is connected to your feminine side, your creativity. So if you’re seeing 2.22 often, it’s a good idea to see how femininity and creativity is linked to an area of your life at that moment.

Angel number 3, 3.33 or 3333 etc.

The number 3 is about wisdom, intuition, your own knowledge of things, using this knowledge and sharing it with others.

Angel number 4, 4.44 or 4444 etc.

The number 4 connects with the masculine side, inner strength, personal power, learning how to say no and not giving away your power all the time.

Angel number 5, 5.55 or 5555 etc.

The number 5 represents change. This is not a bad thing. We don’t need to be scared when we see this number. It’s more about a positive change coming your way. It’s a way of saying be aware and be ready for some needed change.

Angel number 6, 666 or 6666 etc.

The number 6 is about family. Whatever family is to you. It’s doesn’t only have to be about your immediate children or partner.

It can be your extended family, your community, a friendship circle, anything you consider your family to be.

And by the way, the old superstitious mindset of 666 being connected to the devil is a load of shit. There is absolutely zero connection to the devil. In fact, 666 is actually a Beautiful, positive number.

Angel number 7, 777 or 7777 etc.

The number 7 is an Angelic, lucky number. When we see 7’s, it’s a Beautiful opportunity for you to connect to your intuition and see what magic you can find.

Angel number 8, 888 or 8888 etc.

The number 8 is about finances. But it doesn’t always mean money because the Universe doesn’t give a shit about money. Instead, it’s more about financial security. An Energy exchange with finances as finances give us the opportunity to have more choices and make more decisions without stress being involved in the process. Be conscious of when you see number patterns like 888. Be aware of what bills you have coming up and make sure you’re calling in positive financial support from the Universe to help with those bills.

Angel number 9, 999 or 9999 etc.

The number 9 represents endings, but again nothing bad. Things have to come to an end, so something new and Wonderful can begin.

So, when you are seeing any of these patterns, try and be aware of what your thoughts were and what you were doing at the time you saw them. See what resonates with you when you’re seeing particular numbers.

Some number sequences I see all the time are 1234 or 789. These numbers are significant to me, so I know when I see them it’s a message for me.

Again, all the number sequences, patterns and their meanings will be unique to you. There is no hard set rule. You will interpret the numbers and work out the messages and guidance which resonates with you.

If you are ever confused about certain numbers and are seeing a series of patterns popping up but are not sure what they are trying to tell you, you can always take out your Pendulum and let it help you decipher what the numbers mean.

Another way to help you find out what messages the numbers are giving you, is by using whole body Kinesiology. This technique involves you to firstly stand still, close your eyes and focus on a question you need help answering. Then simply feel if your body starts to tip forwards or starts to tip backwards. If it tips forwards, it’s a yes answer, and if it tips backwards, it’s a no answer.

It’s so fascinating just how many of us connect with seeing triple numbers or number patterns. I even see triple letters on car number plates. I see patterns like PPP all the time. So know that the messages don’t have to be limited to just numbers, they can come through as letters as well.

There can also be random words which pop up for you too. It’s whatever way your Angels and Guides can give you messages and pass on guidance.

Whatever I see, I always make sure I give thanks to the Universe, regardless if the pattern is made of numbers or letters.

So, whichever sequence or pattern you see, know that you are being supported. Know that your Angels and Guides really do want the best for you, so always accept with gratitude.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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