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Everyone’s anxiety is unique to them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 7, or 57.

Everything we go through creates Energy, and sometimes that Energy can become anxious Energy which sticks to us. This Energy is then trapped in a loop, and it becomes a cycle which keeps going around and around, making us over think everything.

Our anxiety can take over and make us forget all the positive things we have in our lives.

It can make us scared to try new things in case we fail. But failing IS part of succeeding.

We will all stuff up from time to time, that’s just what happens. Every now and then, stuff goes wrong. But every now and then, stuff also goes incredibly right.

We can tune into what we’ve been through, and we can disconnect from the Energetic loop.

We need to remind ourselves, we CAN move forward, and trust there is still so much more Awesomeness to come.

Remember just how Extraordinary you are. Your anxiety doesn’t define you. There is no end to the Awesomeness within you, and around you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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