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Are there some new things you want to try? Are you doing something about making them happen?

What are the old things that you loved doing but are not doing anymore? What plans are you putting in place to bring them back into your current version of life?

Being brave enough to have a crack at the new stuff and finding the motivation to reconnect back into something you previously loved doing, is really important.

You may need to modify things to make it work for the “now” edition of you & that’s OK.

For example, I used to LOVE horse riding.

There is not a bone in my body that would allow me to get back in a saddle now due to my overdeveloped uncoordination, age induced flexibility limitations & a proper fear of falling off (never used to have that . . . ).

Just being in the presence of horses is enough to fill that happiness cup now. The desire to ride has morphed into a simple appreciation & reflection opportunity.

You may find yourself being put off an idea by YOU.

Tell all the voices in your head that are trying to talk you out of doing something to shut the fuck up.

Get on with doing what you’ve always wanted to do or continue to do what lights you up.

Don’t let your brain make up all the bullshit ‘what if’ scenarios. Trust the Universe and trust the shit out of yourself. If you want to give something new a crack, or if you want to keep doing something you love, then trust that it’s right for you.

I get it. Trust is such an easy word to say yet much harder to implement day to day.

Trusting in the Universe and trusting yourself is pretty similar. You are no more or less Energetically Brilliant than wherever we get our Messages from.

If you feel like something is right, then chances are it is. Even if you feel it’s right and you give it a go but you fuck it up, then you will have learnt something you needed to learn that you couldn’t have learnt any other way. Trust that and trust yourself.

Remember, you’re braver than you think to try something new and you are more deserving than you think, to continue to enjoy something you’ve always loved doing. Now is a great time to get started.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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