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I see Energy in a lot of different ways. When I see a client who is being distracted by all the Bright & Shiny things, has had a significant shock (recently or in the past), or is going through a change in life or lifestyle, I will always check in on their sense of Grounding.

Feelings of being unfocused - vagueness, doubting yourself, dropping things – are a few pretty clear signs that a shift in Energy may be required.

Grounding is just the wanky Woo Woo word for feeling connected, balanced & aligned. All these feelings are important if you are planning on attaining your daily or life goals. You can call it whatever you like!

You can tell if you need to get grounded as you may feel a bit “airy fairy” or “lost”. Thoughts will bounce around in your head without any action or traction.

Energetically, your mind is all over the place & focusing on one or two tasks at a time seems impossible.

Your best & most productive work is achieved when your Mind (thoughts) work cohesively with your Body, Heart & Soul. Grounding is a way of bringing that Soul (Energy) part of you back into your body so you can stop feeling as though you are flailing around expending a shit load of Energy getting nowhere!

Generally, your Heart & Soul want to feel better by being Balance & Aligned with your Mind & Body. Grounding will get you there. The most effective grounding techniques will be different for different people.

It might be sitting on the carpet drinking a hot chocolate. Or walking bare feet on the dirt. A big cuddle with your pet might do it for you or maybe taking a moment to notice the detail the trees, grass, dirt – whatever aspects of Nature you have in your immediate vicinity (yes, pot plants count!).

You may find that something that works one day may need to be changed for next time. You’re not broken – that’s really normal.

Your aim is to find yourself distracted from the drama or chaos around you for a small amount of time so your Energy feels calm enough to settle back into you. Call it whatever the fuck you want. The name & method aren’t important. You & your ability to get shit done by having your “feet on the ground” is all that matters.

If you find yourself a bit spacey, or dropping the ball a little right now, go & do something to ground yourself. Taking a few minutes of time to reset yourself will be all you need feel much more productive & settled.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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