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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Here’s your friendly reminder that you are completely fucking AMAZING!!!

Was there a little part of you that called “bullshit” on the above sentence?

Your perspective of yourself is likely to be far more negative than it needs to be. Please stop that shit!

There are so many opportunities to doubt yourself or to be a little bit antsy about what you have or haven’t done or what you put up with.

Only you know exactly what you’ve been through in every moment of your life thus far. That really ought to create an enormous level of empathy for yourself. It usually goes the other way though.

Be nice to you. You absolutely deserve that.

You do your best to be kind to everyone else so how about you have a crack at doing it for yourself?

There will be nasty voices in your head. That’s pretty standard for everybody.

Tell them to fuck off.

You’re allowed to. Even if you’re not a swearer. (No one hears you in your head anyway so you can bloody swear if you need to!!!)

Please be nice to yourself because you are truly fucking Brilliant & you are absolutely deserving of feeling good about yourself. That nasty voice in your head doesn’t have to be the only one you hear. Remember that.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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