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Aren’t we great at putting a whole lot of Energy into overthinking about shit that probably isn’t going to happen when we really need to be dealing with reality?

Vacuum the floor, put the bins out, go for a walk. Sort the shit out around you so you’re not worrying about crap in the future that probably isn’t going to happen.

Or if it does happen, it will be different to what you think anyway.

What if it’s more awesome than you could imagine?

You’d know which direction you were going. Your feet would be on the ground. You’d be comfortable with where you are & who the fuck you are.

Things can fall into place but if you’re overthinking everything, always, you’re going to miss the point.

Enjoy being you. The weird-ass version of you that you are right now.

Today is the only day that you are going to be at this age, in this space, being this edition of you. Life changes all the time. Day to day, minute to minute so you need to just enjoy the shit out of it.

You are fucking Brilliant & Amazing & totally deserving of great things. Stop the overthinking & be open to the endless possibilities & opportunities ahead of you.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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