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There are so many opportunities for us to clear our Energy. While Energy clearing sounds calming & blissful there is often a lot of shit that has to come up first!

What is that shit for you?

· Is it stuff you’ve been trying to get rid of?

· Is it stuff you’ve been working on?

· Is it stuff from your past you’d like to let go of?

You might have been chipping away at these things for a while.

There are layers & layers of us (memories, emotions, Energy) so there is usually a need to have a crack at shifting/clearing these things repeatedly & from different angles or perspectives.

Life is this beautiful wave of Energy rolling through our lives all the time.

Sometimes you will feel as though you are kicking goals, doing all the things & feeling amazing. Other times will feel a little more “fuck me, I’m drowning in my own shit here”.

Life’s always a bit of both.

Whether you’re thriving or surviving, you are ok. In fact, you’re fucking awesome!

Keep doing what you’re doing, getting shit done. Don’t fuck around being lazy though. Don’t convince yourself that you’re ok enough & ‘this will do’.

It’s ok to occasionally rest on your laurels a little bit. Be ready to stop & recognise when you’ve been doing that for too long.

You are capable of heaps of Awesomeness & absolutely worthy of having it all. You just need to stop & let it in.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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