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A simple but Beautiful reminder that YOU, being YOU, is the most important fucking thing you can do for yourself.

Don’t dick around trying to be someone else!

Absolutely go down the path of personal development and definitely expand yourself by learning new things. That’s all very important because its stuff that will help you grow and evolve.

Just don’t do it in a way where you feel pushed in a direction that deep down you really don’t want to go.

Make sure that whatever you want to learn, or whichever new thing you want to try, it lights you up.

That goes for when you’re feeling stuck too.

Are you feeling a little trapped just because you think that’s the way it’s always been?

Don’t let that voice in your head tell you that this is the only option, and that change is not possible. That right there, is absolute bullshit!

You are capable of so much more. Don’t let someone else’s opinion hold you back.

YOUR gorgeous, unique Energy is Magical.

I don’t doubt for a minute that you are contributing to someone in a significant way which creates a Beautiful ripple effect. That is what you are here for. You are important and you belong in this gorgeous groove of life.

The things that light you up and the things that make you YOU, are what everybody around you loves.

Remember, you are bloody Brilliant by simply just being your Sensational self. You don’t need to be anybody else, let your very own Magnificence shine and sprinkle your Brilliance all over the place!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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