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Sometimes, shit happens!

And as crappy as it is (pardon the pun), you just have to ride the wave of turds.

What the fuck ever, can you do?!

I personally find when I’m having one of those days, there’s nothing like coffee (in the biggest fucking cup I can find) and chocolate for breakfast, to take the edge off the shitfullness.

So, if you’re going through one of those days, make sure you have your go to staples ready at hand to help you deal with the shit a bit easier.

And please know, yes, even me being a Psychic still has shitty days. In all honesty, you can be as Psychic as fuck and still have no idea when the turd days will present themselves. That’s life!

You have to roll with the shitty punches and navigate your way through it,

as best you can.

Try not to beat yourself up too much on those days either. You can be the most spiritual person ever, and somedays even the WOO WOO stuff is all a bit much.

If you don’t like the Oracle card you pulled for yourself that day, pull another one and go and have some chocolate.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Remember, even on your shitty days, you are still a fucking Remarkable being, who still has so much Awesomeness ahead of them.

Today might not be your best, but it will pass and you’ll come out smelling of roses from underneath all the turds.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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