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If you’re willing to get something wrong it means you are willing to give something a go.

Bloody good on you! That’s really the whole point in life isn’t it - having a crack at something and giving new things a go.

We don’t know everything.

We can’t know everything.

We don’t know the outcomes.

I’m as Psychic as fuck and I still don’t know the outcomes to the things I have a crack at.

Try very hard to not talk yourself out of trying something new. If you just keep making excuses as to why you’re not going to give something a go, then that’s simply not living.

By not trying something new you’re not learning, you’re not growing and you’re not seeing how incredibly capable you are. Don’t hold yourself back like that.

So please, be willing to stuff up, be willing to make mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if things don’t turn out perfectly. They don’t need to be perfect because you are already fucking Amazing, Awesome, Brilliant and Sensational, just as you are!

And if you get something wrong, you’ll soon learn what you actually need to change for the next time you give it a go and you’ll get it right.

You are totally worth getting something completely fucking wrong!

Mistakes are how we learn and every successful person out there wouldn’t be where they are today without the mistakes they made. So instead of fearing the unknown, embrace your potential errors as they are only adding even more Awesomeness to the already fucking Amazing person you are.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

PS. You might want to share an unsweary version of this with every young person you know!

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