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Can you please not hide your Awesomeness & remember the magic you bring by just being you?

You really truly are Incredible & Amazing, & you can do shit that nobody else can.

You are actually capable of amazing stuff that you don’t believe.

You do things every day that genuinely matters. You probably don’t even realise, but you do stuff that makes a difference to other people. Stuff that is really significant.

We tend to get some wonderful things done & then we stop for a bit, but the Universe wants us to keep going. It wants to give us a bit of a foot up the ass to keep moving & continue to do more Wonderful things.

Keep learning, keep changing, keep growing & keep moving. It’s so important for your Energy.

Energy is of course what you believe it to be. It can be our memories & emotions, but it can also be the spark inside of us & we need to feed that spark.

We need to make sure we’re igniting our Energy constantly & feeding that spark by doing the stuff that matters to us & lights us up.

Get off your Awesome ass & go do some more Amazing stuff. There is definitely still more to do, & more of your Brilliance to spread around.

If you get nothing else done today, simply remember how Amazing you are. Being your Awesome self is enough.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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