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Isn’t it funny how our brains react when we have a whole lot of good shit going on?

All of a sudden, instead of enjoying all the wonderful things we’re experiencing, our brains start to tell us that this Awesome thing that’s happening to us is not going to last.

Those little voices begin to creep up on us and tell us that it’s all going to turn to crap because good things just cannot last and it’s time to start panicking.

Let me remind you of something that you can share with others when they need to hear it too.

We all have the ability to call bullshit on those voices. You don’t actually need to panic about those shitty “what if” scenarios.

You can simply tell your brain that you’re fine.

Tell those voices either:

· things are going smooth for you at the moment and you’re going to enjoy this


· you’ve always handled the shit that has come your way in the past and right now is not that much different. You will continue to shine even if more comes your way.

Remind yourself that things CAN actually get even better. These good things CAN keep coming your way.

Relax into that thought for a moment!

Your brain is wired to look for issues so it could be difficult for you to imagine that potential Awesomeness is in your future.

Your brain will want you to have every fucking contingency plan under the sun, to the point where you then start to believe it and then Energetically you start to attract drama in one form or another.

Be very aware of what you’re thinking about and how your anxiety might be affecting you.

Remember, you are sooooooo worthy of more Brilliance in your life. When it does happen around you, let yourself believe that it’s going to get even better.

Allow yourself to ride that wave of Energy into the sunset.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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