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It doesn’t take a lot to rattle our Energy.

It could happen because of:

· Shock (positive or negative news/ experiences)

· Getting shitty with someone

· Upset about something

· Grief

· Trauma (now or reminders from the past)

Our Energy can feel as though it either rises up, shoots out in all directions or plummets through our feet and then we’re left feeling all over the shop. We either can’t get settled or we can’t get motivated.

Recognising when our Energy does this and then calling it back into our body can be really helpful.

You can do this by simply doing one small, nice thing for yourself.

Just for you, no one else.

It might be having a cup of tea, or getting outside in the fresh air, or having a bath, or going for a walk.

The point is, just doing one simple nice thing for yourself, whatever it is, will really help put your Energy back into your body.

Remember that you are so important and incredibly valuable. Keeping on top of your Energy is essential.

You are sooooooooo worthy of making that time for yourself.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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