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Life changes. We change. The people around you change.

Maybe you stopped walking in the morning because life & other things got in the way. Or maybe you took a break from something that you really enjoy because you weren’t feeling it anymore.

Try not to go beating yourself up for it.

We tell ourselves that we’re a terrible person because we had a routine that worked for a while & then you needed a break.

Keep in mind that there is also a lot of change happening regularly that you have the potential to thrive through. It might not always be change that you expected or that you wanted or that you chose, but there are still opportunities to come out the other side of that change and do really fucking good things.

Please remember that even though things change, you always, always, always come through it.

You always have & you always will.

You’re a phenomenally resilient human & the Energetic brilliance around you is pretty fucking awesome too!

Even if you’re not feeling either of those things, I promise you they’re there.

Remember to give yourself loads of love through whatever change is happening for you because you truly fucking deserve it! You genuinely do. You are an amazing human being & you are absolutely aloud to change shit up.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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