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We are constantly changing gears, and sometimes that change can be damn scary, so when you do go through change, bloody good on you!

There has been an enormous amount of change for people, especially over the last two years. Whether or not you made the change happen yourself, or it happened to you, being able to adapt to that change and do your very best to keep going, just by simply being you, is nothing short of Amazing.

When we experience change, we sometimes forget to give ourselves a pat on the back and acknowledge just how strong we really are, and how far we’ve come.

We need to remember just how flexible we are. We probably don’t feel flexible at the time, but when we look back at what we actually went through, and how we got through it, that’s when we need to recognise just how much our Awesomeness let us bend and adjust.

Remember, you are incredibly brave, and you do have the strength to get through whatever change comes your way.

You CAN keep that sense of momentum going, because, let’s be honest, you are a fucking remarkable human being!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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