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Today, can you please fucking choose YOU?

Not in a selfish, asshole kind of way. Just in a way that you’re choosing yourself and your needs.

Choose something for you!

What do YOU actually want?

Not what your family, or friends, or next-door neighbour wants. What do YOU want?

Choose to do something that lights you up.

I don’t give a shit if its drinking a whole tin of condensed milk, or going for a walk, or putting your radio on and bouncing around the kitchen dancing like a maniac.

There’s a whole bunch of things you can be doing for you, just for you, that’s going to fill your cup and light you the fuck up.

So today, choose you.

Maybe even choose to call that friend you haven’t called in ages. The one who used to make you giggle.

Or better yet, send them a text, that’s easier. The point is, after you’ve made that connection, you’ll feel really good.

You are so much more important than you think. You are much more fucking Fabulous than you think as well. So today, choose you. Choose something that makes you happy and celebrate the shit out of yourself!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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