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When I’m working with a client, I have a couple of different tools I like to use during and after a session.

When doing an in-person session with a client, I will start by putting certain Crystals around the bed which the client will be lying on. I’ll then place some Crystals in the client’s hands for them to hold during the session.

In my Healing room, I have placed certain Crystals in different parts of the room. I have a Rose Quartz Crystal in every corner and then along the base of the walls, I have Amethyst Crystals. I also have a Selenite lamp and a salt lamp in different areas of the room.

After every client, I always clear the room and bed. I use either a White Sage smudge stick or White Sage incense sticks to do this.

I don’t do anything particularly special or magical when clearing. I just slowly wave the smudge stick or incense stick around the room, letting the smoke fill the space. I make sure the smoke goes right into the corners of the room and I set the intention that the smoke will clear out whatever is hanging around and cleanse the room.

I will also clear the Crystals I have used during the session. I like to clear each Crystal by moving the smudge stick or incense stick around it three times in a circular motion.

You can choose to cleanse your Crystals a different way, perhaps by popping them out under a full moon, or by putting them in a warm bath (just make sure you check which crystals can get wet). Rule of thumb, Crystals that end with ‘ite’ are generally not water friendly.

I personally like to make a figure eight with the smoke over the Crystals as it represents the infinity symbol. And then I simply wave the smudge stick or incense stick in a loop pattern backwards and forwards over the Crystals, connecting them all with the smoke.

I also make sure I use the smoke to clear myself after every session as well, as I am the one receiving the downloads and messages for the client.

That’s personally my own unique version of how I clear the room, my Crystals and myself after a session. But of course, you will have your own version and you will use whatever you’re drawn to and what feels right for you.

Let yourself be guided to which tools you feel comfortable using. Try really hard not to over think it.

The most important thing, is to allow yourself to go with the flow and find your own personal cleansing routine which resonates with you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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