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Sometimes when we wake up, we’re all over the shop.

We can be thinking about way too many things, from all different angles, and it can make us cranky.

For me, I find the best way to tackle this is to try and pinpoint which thoughts are coming from where. Why are these particular thoughts suddenly popping into my head and trying to derail me?

When we’re cranky, our thoughts can become really intense. Try and recognise the super destructive thoughts really early on, this will help you avoid looking for evidence that things in your life are shit. That’s we’re our mind takes us when we’re cranky and we don’t want to go down that path.

Most of the time, crankiness is just our brains going way too fast, and we just need to calm the fuck down, chill out, and have a gentle reset.

Take a deep breath, and of course drink more water.

It’s ok to be cranky, it happens to everyone, but a little reset goes a long way before it takes hold of you, and really impacts your day.

Remember, underneath the crankiness you are still fucking Fabulous, and no mood is going to put a dampener on the Amazing future ahead of you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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