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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

As you read this, I want you to take a deep breathe in, fill your belly as much as you can, hold it for a couple of seconds.

Now exhale.

Repeat a couple of times.

When we have too much going on, and we feel frazzled, anxious, stressed out, without even realising it, we hold our breath.

Breathing is a very simple, yet very effective way, to bring calm back to the body.

Breathing in and out, being still for even just one minute, can help to clear away the crap and fog in our minds, making room for some clear thoughts.

Doing this simple task is actually like a little reset, it will help your Energy shift, reset, put you in a much better head space, and things will have a much better chance of falling into place.

Go on, take another breath in as you read this, exhale, and give yourself a pat on the back.

But if you know me, you’re not getting away that easily, your next step is;


Go and pour yourself a big glass of glorious H2O and you’ll be off to a flying start.

Remember, you are totally fucking Sensational, take a deep breath, and remind yourself, you CAN tackle anything that comes your way.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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