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Empathy is such an enormous part of all things to do with woo woo and sometimes people can underestimate the value of it.

To go a little deeper with your Intuitive talents, it is really helpful to understand how YOU are feeling. When you’re tapping into the Empathy part of you, you need to be able to work out what’s yours and what’s not. It’s OK to be having big emotions going on. The ability to notice what is not yours is crucial.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re planning on practicing a certain woo woo modality for a living, or you just want to learn about it to use in your everyday life. What we must realise, is that Empathy is actually a Psychic ability. I personally believe Empathy is the absolute base level ‘Psychic 101.’

Yes, basic Empathy is taught to us as kids (to a degree). We’ll learn to be able to look at someone and read their facial expressions.

You may remember being little & being impacted by the emotions of others more than those around you. Some of us perhaps cried often and were very easily upset by things or super shy.

We wouldn’t have known it at the time, but the reasons behind us getting so upset, were because we would have been feeling everything everybody else was feeling and unintentionally absorbing that hurt or pain someone else was experiencing at the time.

You may have been that child in the playground who witnessed another child fall and hurt themselves and yet you too were also deeply hurt and affected by the pain that child was going through.

If you were one of those kids, chances are you likely grew up to be an adult who is able to feel something about another person before they’ve even told you what it is. You might even have found you’ve taken it further. For example, experiencing a time when you’ve felt different in your body. Perhaps you’ve noticed your leg was aching and then someone else walked into the room who just happened to have a sore leg.

Empathy goes much deeper than just feeling sad for a person who is sad. Its tuning into what’s going on around someone else. Its feeling that feeling of happiness before you even know the person is happy. It’s just knowing what a person needs before they even tell you.

Even choosing the exact right gift for someone and having them be so amazed and happy to receive it. Perhaps even telling you that the gift was something they’ve always wanted. That is a level of Empathy.

Another way of tuning into your Empathy is using your Pendulum. I actually take mine with me when I’m choosing a gift for someone. I am tapping into my Empathy by asking the Pendulum how this person is going to feel if I buy them this particular gift.

An example of Empathy being a Psychic gift:

I had moderate belly ache and even though I was feeling a bit off in my tummy I was still well enough to work so I continued to do Readings and Healings with clients. On this day however, every time a client would arrive, the pain in my tummy would instantly disappear and I would start picking up on what my clients were feeling instead. After their session, they would leave and the pain in my tummy would instantly return. This went on between clients for the whole day because this was me tapping into my Empathy and picking up on each client. The digestion issues were mine – not theirs!

It can go the other way as well and without even realising it, I can begin tuning into my client before they even arrive. I might start to pick up on an ache or pain they have at the time and as soon as I relay the pain I’m feeling back to them, they are instantly shocked as it will be exactly where and how they are feeling it.

These are all examples of Empathy. It doesn’t mean just because I’m Psychic that someone is whispering in my ear where the exact pain my client is experiencing. It’s just that I am actually feeling it. My Empathy is allowing me to physically feel what my client is feeling.

With all things woo woo, Empathy really is one of many potential starting points. It’s important to know what your base level Superpower is so you can work out how everything and everyone else fits into and around that.

When you’re getting into your version of The Zone, whether meditating, going for a walk, or a swim etc. try and be aware of who is popping into your head and think about how they are actually popping up in your mind. Do you see them, hear them, or feel them?

Encourage your Psychic, Intuition, Guidance and Empathy senses to take a closer look at something. However they pop up for you, try and dig a little deeper. Ask for that thought to come back and stay a little longer so you can have another look at it and see what comes up.

Don’t be scared to question what comes through or ask for it to be shown in a different way. You won’t scare off your Angels & Guides, I promise.

Doing this will help you get a better understanding of what’s going on around you and help you tune in that little bit further and look at things from a slightly different perspective.

As I often say, the most important thing is knowing how you interpret the signs and signals. All of it counts and all of it matters, we all just do it differently. If you need help working out what ‘your way’ is, I am here for you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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