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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Energy clearing is pretty damn important, especially if you or the people you live with have been through a tough time. When we experience feelings like anger, grief or disappointment, without even realising it, the Energy from these emotions can hang around and become stuck. Clearing stagnant Energy can cleanse the space around you, making room for more positive Energy.

Imagine it this way, if you were standing around a fire and then you walked away, you would still smell the smoke on you. The same thing happens with Energy. You can be in the middle of an awful situation, and then afterwards even when you have removed yourself from that situation, you will still have little bits of Energy remnants clinging to you, so clearing off this murky Energy and letting go of the remnants is really important. And it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated, there are some really cool and easy ways to do this.


When you are clearing Energy, make sure you set the intention to clear the stagnant/negative Energy out, but also set the intention to then bring the new positive Energy in. If you clear out all the Energy and don't have any intention to bring good Energy in, then who knows what the hell is going to arrive!

You certainly don’t want any crap turning up that’s worse than the crap you just released. So make sure your intention is to bring in the good stuff.

And be mindful when you’re walking around the house, not to be thinking of shopping or your to-do list, that’s not going to work, you need to be present and intentional.


One of my go to ways for clearing Energy is smudging. You may have heard the term ‘smudging’ before, but not quite sure what it actually means. It’s basically an Energy clearing practice using a small bunch of dried sage leaves. The dried leaves are held together with a little cotton tie. You can either light the tip of the whole bunch or pull off small sections to light instead. First light the tip of the sage so it starts to burn, once you see a flame, blow it out and you will be left with the smoke. I tend to pull the leaves apart into small sections as I find they burn a bit quicker and easier. You can buy sage at any hippie or woo woo shop.

As you may know, I used to be in the local volunteer fire fighting service, so please do not burn down your house when smudging! It’s very important to hold something underneath it to catch the little hot bits that might fall off. I use a beautiful shell my son found for me, but you can use any old plate, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Once the sage is smoking, you can begin to walk around your house letting the smoke fill the space. This is when setting your intention is really important, so make sure you are putting out what you want to get rid of, letting the smoke collect it all up. Don’t forget to open your doors and windows so the smoke has somewhere to go, taking all the shit with it and leaving your house cleansed and cleared.

If you don't have a smudge stick, that's fine, you can make your own. A very clever lady, Amy Burton at Untamed Wildling, started making her own smudge sticks using sage and lavender and other fabulous things. But again, I can’t stress enough about fire safety, so please be very careful.


If that's a little bit too full on, you can always use white sage incense (or any flavour really). It’s a very gentle way to let a small amount of smoke clear your space and spruce up the Energy. With your intention set & a beautiful connection to positivity & Abundance, follow the steps shown for Smudge Sticks. Some incense sticks have specific purposes too, so you may be able to find one with just the right Vibe for your required Energy shift.


One of my absolute favourite ways to clear Energy is using crystals. If you’ve got some, use them! Selenite is a fantastic crystal to use, she really is the Crystal Queen when it comes to clearing things. Simply put them around your

house or into the rooms which you feel need some clearing and leave them there. You can move them around, change their positions or use them on specific days. And you can use any size, the little ones are just as good and only cost a couple of bucks. I’ve got crystals all over my house, I even wear them in my bra to keep my Energy up.


I love all things to do with nature, so I’m a big fan of using nature when it comes to giving us a helping hand with boosting our Energy. Feathers are another beautiful way of bringing positive Energy into your house. Just by simply swooshing the feather through the space around you and setting your intention, you can remove the stale Energy and bring in the new. Remember intention is key, what you believe and what you are setting while using the feather is what counts.


Cleansing sprays are another fabulous way to clear Energy. I use cleansing sprays from Essential Insights, made by my beautiful friend Yvonne Launder. There are personal sprays for cleansing auras and sprays to cleanse rooms or the space around you. I personally like to use them after every reading. I’m usually drawn to use the spray that’s most relevant for that particular client. For personal use, just a little spritz over the top of you is all you need. If you’re cleansing a house, you can either spray the doorway of each room, or spray the entire room, it’s up to you. But again, remember your intention. You are clearing the old things out and bringing good stuff in. You’ll find some sprays are specifically for cleansing and others are specifically for bringing positive Energy in, so just make sure you’re using the correct one.


Aromatherapy is another awesome way to clear Energy. Simply diffuse some essential oils and let the gorgeous fragrance fill your surroundings while cleansing your home. The smell itself will lift your mood instantly. You can look up the Energetically supportive qualities of different oils & see which ones would be best for your current situation. ie. Grounding options if there has been an element of chaos or upheaval could be Cedarwood, Sandalwood or Vetiver. Pop them in your diffuser or blend them as per safety guidelines for topical use.

As you can see there are lots of different ways clear the Energy in your home. I would definitely recommend following your heart and choosing whichever way feels right for you. As long as your intention is clear, any of these amazing techniques will help to cleanse and clear your space, making room for more positive Energy.

If you’re not sure which one to use or feel like you can’t do it yourself, please feel free to contact me, as I do regular home and business clearings.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. If you've got any questions please send me a message, I am more than happy to answer any questions. If you’d like to learn more about Clearing Energy, then feel free to check out my Clearing Masterclass, located in the courses page on my website.

I also have more information and my 'Love from Lyndy' Sessions on my Facebook page here, or join me on Instagram @lyndyjewellpsychicmedium

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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