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When our lives are filled with Awesome stuff and we’re really excited about what’s going on around us, some of us will justifiably bask in that glory and some of us will be unfortunately riddled with guilt.

A lot of us tend to have a little part in our brain that automatically turns on the guilt.

It makes us question why everything is going so well.

It makes us feel uneasy that everything is falling into place.

We feel guilty because everything is going so right and it makes us feel we are not really worthy of such Amazing things happening to us.

The guilt makes us find a reason to dull it down, or feel bad as to why we’re experiencing such Wonderful things.

Sooooo many of us, have guilt as our default setting!

However Magnificent your life is, you can’t help but fall back into the feeling of guilt and how you’re not deserving of this goodness in your life.

There will always be a bunch of reasons to feel guilty if you look for them and it really is a daily battle not to. Try your very hardest to let it go. It really has no place and it will stuff you up every time.

The funny part is, most people who are actually experiencing challenging stuff, wouldn’t want people to feeling bad or guilty for them in the first place!

Fuck that guilt right off!

You are totally deserving of the Awesomeness in front of you. DO NOT hold yourself back from receiving it. You ARE worthy of whatever incredible things are coming your way.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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