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I know it can sound like a bit of a wanky Woo Woo word, but it’s important!

If you find yourself feeling like you’re a bit all over the shop, or you’re putting stuff down and forgetting where you’ve put it, or dropping shit, or missing steps in your usual morning routine, you probably need grounding.

Personally, my favourite way to ground myself is to go outside and find a Gum tree. I bloody love Gum trees!

I simply look at the very top of the tree, focus on the teeny tiny leaves at the top and then let my eyes just gently drift down the tree.

When I do this, I can feel everything in the tree getting bigger, the branches get bigger, then the trunk, then when my eyes go all the way down to the base of the tree to the ground, I can imagine the roots going all the way deep into the Earth.

Instantly, I feel better, I feel calmer.

This probably takes anywhere between 10 seconds and a minute.

Other people will prefer to go outside in their bare feet and walk on the ground, or perhaps lay on their belly on the grass, looking at the flowers, bugs and all those wonderful things.

Wearing the colour red is another way of grounding yourself, as is working with some specific Crystals like Hematite, Ruby or Garnet.

Do whatever you need to do, to get grounded.

Do something you’re drawn to.

Do it whichever way feels right to you, don’t complicate it.

Even if you’re new to all this Woo Woo stuff and have never heard of the term grounding before, believe me, it will make a HUGE difference in your life.

Remember you’re human (and an Awesome one at that), so sometimes you’ll feel a little scattered and spacey, and that’s ok. But it’s good to know a little grounding goes a long way.

Allow yourself to regroup so you can continue on your path of Awesomeness.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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