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We plod along in life and do a whole lot of boring stuff, because that’s just what life is.

There will always be boring washing to do, or dishes, or mowing the lawn. Whatever the fuck it is, it has to be done.

So, when you actually get a chance to do something fun, don’t forget to acknowledge it! Take it all in and make sure you really enjoy the fun things when you get a chance to do them.

Or better yet, try and find little bits of joy among the boring things.

And please remember, everybody fills their cup in different ways.

Whether it’s going fishing, going for a run, reading a book, or eating ice cream, try not to compare your fun things and what you enjoy to other people.

Especially now with social media, we’re seeing everybody else’s version of what they enjoy and it might not be your thing, but at the same time, you can’t help but feel a bit of pressure that maybe you should be doing that same thing.

No, you don’t fucking have to do the same thing!

Do it your way. Do what is fun for you. You might just need to work out what that is and that’s ok.

And if you don’t have any fun stuff to do in your life at the moment, then don’t forget to plan some for the weeks ahead. There’s nothing better than having fun things to look forward to.

Remember, you are a bloody Magnificent human who is allowed to have some fun! So go and find yourself something that makes you happy and enjoy the shit out of the fun stuff.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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