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Do you feel like you either need to be going gently, softly, slowly or quickly, fast, go?

It’s not always that way. Yes, there are moments where we do need to be one or the other but remember that there are variances in between these too.

You can be excited for all the things happening for you & around you but still feel like you need a fucking nap. There is always that contrast in us.

That’s what we are as humans. We are a huge bundle of contradictions so you’ve just got to line them up as best you can.

If you are in the quickly, hurry, go phase, don’t worry because the gently, softly, slowly will come soon. You need to recognise where you are at & embrace it. We get in a habit of going flat stick all the time & it’s not good for our Energy.

We do need to stop, pause, relax, reset, however that works for you. For some people, it might be a walk on the beach that gives them the reset they need. Bloody awesome! Some people would love to do that but live in the outback of fucking nowhere & can’t do that.

So what do you do to reset your Energy? There’s got to be something that works for you.

Take some time to also acknowledge what you are doing that wears you down. You may not be able to avoid those things & that’s OK. Recharge yourself at every opportunity.

There are times too where you’ve done all the things you know how & it hasn’t worked. This is when you need to reach out & go see whoever it is that you need. Whether that be someone Woo Woo like me or maybe a GP, Counsellor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist - whoever the fuck suits your needs best.

Do what you need to do to look after you? To clear the decks & get yourself back on track. It’s so important.

Remember to check in with all aspects of yourself – Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. Is it your Mental or Physical self that needs support? Maybe it the Emotional or Spiritual parts of you? You can focus on one or multiple aspects of you at one time.

You are Brilliant & Amazing & absolutely deserve to take care of you & your Energy, so get out & do what you need to feel your best.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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