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Move your ass!

It’s easy to hit the snooze button a few times & stay cuddled up in bed but time flies by where you could be actually fucking doing something.

You shine like an Energetic fucking diamond when you are feeling good. A sense of achievement often leaves us feeling good about ourselves.

Often when we get up & get moving, we get so much stuff done. There is so much we can cram in first thing in the morning & most of us just don’t utilise it well.

If you are a night-time person, get the dishes & the vacuuming done before bed. Don’t sit eating potato chips & watching Netflix. Or if you are a morning person, get up in the morning & get things done then.

You know you! You know which works best for you & how you roll.

There is always shit to do so don’t beat yourself up about the stuff you haven’t done yet. Celebrate the shit that you have done.

Every day is potentially magnificent.

We never know which ones are going to be the awesome ones & which ones are going to be the shit ones so let’s just wake up & assume that it’s going to be an awesome day.

You are fucking amazing & you will get more done if you truly WANT to get more done.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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