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We think about trying new things, but do we actually do it?

Do we actually put ourselves out there & do the new thing?

Or do we overthink the shit out of it & decide that we might just keep doing the same shit we’ve always done but expect a different result?

Oh yeah, because that’s going to work!!

We decide that we’re going to try this new thing, this is going to happen & then it will lead to this & then go there. We decide before we even start what we think the outcome is going to be & this just ends up ruining the magic of it.

Trying a new thing & letting it be what it is going to be is where the most powerful Energy is from (Energy being whatever the fuck you believe it to be). Part of Energy is your momentum, so trying something new really puts you in a position to be able to create some new magic around you.

Create some new opportunities. Maybe do some things that you didn’t even think were possible, or you weren’t even aware of.

We’re humans & we often blinker our world by thinking there is only one outcome to something when really, something happens & something really bizarre or out of the ordinary happens & then everything opens up. That’s what I love.

We can get caught up in our own shit because it’s sitting right in front of us & we allow the fear to stop us from moving forward & trying new things.

Someone like me can help because we come along & have a look at everything from an outside view, giving you a whole new perspective on things.

It puts you in a position where you can decide that you might give something new a go, even if it feels scary.

Suddenly the world opens up.

So much more opportunity is available to you than you could have ever imagined.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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