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Whatever you’re doing today, no matter the weather, make sure you’re being nice to yourself!

Whatever you’re beating yourself up about, can you please fucking STOP it?

Keep an eye on what that voice in your head is saying and try and make the most of whatever you’ve got going on.

Remember your Brilliance.

Remember also that all your contribution, even in all the seemingly insignificant ways, is actually very important and you are VERY necessary.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the dumb shit we do.

So, let me tell you this, I appreciate all the dumb shit you do. You are Amazing at getting that dumb shit done.

Good job! Well done you!

It’s important also that when you’re actually getting the dumb shit done, try and take notice of what went really well and what you loved about it when you were doing it.

Try and pick up on anything that perhaps you could have done better. And of course, make sure you acknowledge the things that you never want to fucking do again.

Remember, you are an incredibly vital specimen who makes so much more of a difference than you realise.

So, say nice things to yourself, acknowledge your Magnificence and keep putting one Awesome foot in front of the other.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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