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We could chat all day about Energetic Protection if we wanted to cover all bases & dramatise the shit out of it. I don't have time for that crap. Do you?

I truly believe that everything you read, hear or learn must be ran through your own filter to make sure it resonates with YOU. My following opinion & experience on protecting your Energy is no different. Utilize the bits that work for you.

Take a moment to think about what you are protecting yourself from:

  • Are you trying to prevent yourself from being drained of Energy?

  • Is deflecting negative Energy the thing you're worried about?

  • Are spirits with mean intent your main concern?

We get so caught up in everyone else's drama about Energetic Protection that you may not have thought about it before. It's also worth putting some brain power toward what you believe Energy to be.

My personal view is that the vast majority of Energy is Love, Light & Shininess. Yes, there is some shitty Energy around, though I usually see it in human form - either people who are assholes for one reason or another, or experiences & perspectives that have not been great & left us with a heavy feeling or "Energetic hangover".

Both of these things we can step away from to allow our Energy to feel more vibrant.

I can work all day with other people's Energy in my Psychic Medium & Healing business yet I don't feel worn out or drained. Part of the reason for this is because I truly LOVE my work. The other reason is that I make an effort to maintain my own internal Energy.

My theory is that if your own Energy is high vibe, then how the fuck can anything else impact that?

I am not delusional enough to think that every day needs to be perfect to maintain this internal brightness.

Doing the little things that you know light you up are the important ingredient here. They might be things like:

  • Have a bath once a week (or as often as you want)

  • Go walking most days (or occasionally - whatever works for you)

  • Have a session with an Energy worker (even if you are one yourself. In fact, ESPECIALLY if you are one yourself!)

  • Meditate if that's your thing (if it's not, you are no less spiritual than someone who does)

  • Draw, craft, bake or anything else creative that floats your boat (or sing, redecorate, draw in the sand - whatever!)

  • Seeking inspiration through people watching or Pinterest perusal (observe without the voices in your head making comparisons)

  • Talking to your pets (they're smarter & more understanding than humans)

  • Journaling (diary, dot point, hopes & dreams - it all counts)

  • Gym workout (Oh hell no! Not my thing but it might be yours?)

  • Drink lots of water (this is the ONLY "must do" on my list & even then I fuck it up sometimes)

You may do none of these things yet maintain your Energy. You may do all of them & still find Energy management difficult. Please remind yourself that your Energy will fluctuate constantly. That's the result of life happening to you & your human-ness exacerbating your reaction & perception of those life experiences.

Whether that is a catastrophic life event or some asshole stole your parking spot at the supermarket. You are human!!! You will react/respond to outside influences & that will affect your Energy.

Don't overthink that shit. Just get yourself back on track as soon as you can.

Find the way that works for you to keep your own Energy as vibrant as possible & you won't have much of a need for Energetic Protection. Be aware that what may have worked brilliantly for a week/month/year can change & you'll need to try something else.

I still use a smudge stick from time to time to clear the Energy in a room. I do Love Selenite as my go-to Energy clearing crystal if I want my clients to hold something solid when I do a Healing. I like to intuitively choose the colour of the clothes I wear to give me a bit of a boost in whichever correlating Chakra needs it. I light a candle if I want to raise the vibe in my home. I use aromatherapy in my hair everyday (a few drops in conditioner that I joozsh through my curly mop each morning) because I like the smell and the bright feeling it gives me & those I hug.

I do Love to use all the things listed above. They bring me Joy. I do not spend time mulling over negativity in any form if I can avoid it.

Finding your connection to Joy is the best way to keep your Energy as bright as possible & avoid expending Energy worrying about Energetic protection. Keeping your Energy clear is more valuable than protecting it.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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