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Sometimes, when we’re told some news that throws us off balance, or we come across something that rattles us, it baffles me as to just how fast our brain begins to go and look for every negative thought we’ve ever had!

We start to play out every worst case scenario and even have scary, imaginary, conversations in our head with people, which will most likely, never take place.

When we do this, we drag our Energy into these nonrealistic future thoughts and it can then be really hard to stay centered.

This is something we need to try and consciously be aware of. We need to recognise when we start to do it and immediately pull ourselves out of those thoughts as quick as possible, before they spiral out of control.

It’s definitely not easy to do, in fact it’s quite challenging.

Even the most aligned, calm, hippy as fuck people get knocked off balance sometimes and that’s ok, because we’re human.

But the more we get used to acknowledging when these thoughts begin, then the easier it becomes to stop them in their tracks.

Remember, no matter what shit is going around in our heads, we have to remind ourselves, there is ALWAYS something good coming.

We are capable of pushing past those negative thoughts and know that we are worthy of receiving it.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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