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Energy work, what is it exactly?

In a nutshell, Energy work adjusts the balance of how Energy flows through us. By shifting and clearing old stagnant negative Energy that may be stuck to us, we make room for new positive Energy to flow through us.

I'm Lyndy Jewell, a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer and I love nothing more than shifting my client’s Energy and clearing away the crap!

If you've had a reading with me before, you probably understand the concept of someone tuning in and having a look at what's coming up for you in the future. But for me, it’s much more than that. As well as giving you the heads up about what’s in store for you, I also love to shift your current Energy. Because shifting this Energy, will automatically make you feel better.

Energy is a little bit of a mystical magical term, but basically, Energy has a big impact on our feelings and the way we live our lives.

All the shit you've ever dealt with over X amount of time, whether it be from last week, last month or last year, pretty much, your entire lifetime. Whatever you’ve gone through, all your past experiences are going to contribute to leftover Energy remnants that will become stuck to you, and over time the buildup of this Energy can sort of feel like a hangover.

This feeling then has an effect on all the things you do in your daily life. The way you conduct yourself, your ability to remember things, your belief and self-worth, even your hope and plans for the future.

So having Energy work done is a beautiful way to clear and shift old Energy, making room for new Energy. This will then raise your vibration and make it a lot easier for you to reconnect to your future.

Collectively, we can’t help but absorb other people’s Energy. As long as the world keeps spinning, we will always be drawn into other people's conversations and experiences and whether you believe it or not, that Energy can stick to us and weigh us down.

This can then affect your motivation. I know there's a whole bunch of people out there with absolutely magnificent ideas, but they are not able to do anything about them for the simple fact that they are knackered. They are so weighed down from everybody else’s Energy, they are not able to grab hold of the momentum and run with their idea.

This is why we need Energy work, to rebalance our Energy so we can do what we are meant to be doing.

An example of some Energy work I have done before involves a particular client, whose family booked them in for a session, after expressing they were concerned about my client’s headspace. Using Energy work, I was able to put my client’s family at ease as I worked through the current Energy my client was experiencing. I helped shift the negative thought patterns they were having and was able to get their feet back on the ground again. I was able to remind them their future was opening up and everything was going to be okay. It was just about removing that heaviness, shifting the weight, clearing the stagnant Energy which was holding them down. It really was beautiful to witness the transformation.

That’s what I love most about my work, and it’s what I am most passionate about, helping people feel better. I'm very aware however, that an hour long session with me is $180, and some people just aren't up for that, and I get it, I’ve been there.

That’s why I make sure there’s an option for everyone, by also offering small group healings.

This might surprise you, but group Energy work can be even more powerful. When you have a group of different people, you’re getting little bits of different Energy from everybody in the group. This combination of Energy really helps to shift the movement of the group Energy as a whole, which then helps your own individual Energy to evolve and reset.

Small group healings really are an amazing way to feel better about yourself and feel better about what's going on around you. They will bring you back down to earth, give you a sense of feeling grounded again, so you can move forward without feeling stuck. They help ease any anxiety you may have been dealing with and if you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, they really do feel like a helping hand pulling you back up.

I am so grateful to receive such amazing feedback from my wonderful clients about how much better they felt after a session with me and that by simply having their Energy shifted has made such a difference in their lives.

So, do yourself a favour and book yourself in for some Energy work! Whether it’s a one on one session with me or in my small group healings, together we can shift that Energy!

Out with the old and in with the new!

But most importantly, in the meantime, don’t forget to love the shit out of yourself because you're worth it and you're totally awesome!

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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