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We all talk about setting intentions, having goals & manifesting the shit out of stuff. But sometimes it just doesn’t fucking work!

You can have all good intentions to do things, yet the reality can be very different.

Maybe you set the intention to get up & work out, to feel fit and amazing, then your body starts screaming at you with other ideas or you get sick.

Don’t give up just because things didn’t go as you intended. Don’t decide that now you can’t do it or it doesn’t work.

Yes you fucking can!

Sometimes plans just change. Be ok with that.

There is every chance the Universe has a better plan for you than you have for yourself.

You are going to have times when this manifestation stuff doesn’t work but there could be better stuff available for you just around the corner. You just might need to fuck something up first for you to get to that point.

You might be in a job where you’re thinking “what the fuck am I here for?” or “what’s the point”? But there might be a point. You might meet the right people. Or maybe you get pissed off enough that you quit on the right day to get the job that you need or the momentum to start your own venture.

Whatever it is, there is usually a reason for things turning out the way it does.

So get out there, fuck some things up & be ok with however things turn out. Trust that the Universe has your back & that the right thing for you is just around the corner.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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