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Momentum is awesome. Doesn’t matter if you are snail or rocket paced right now.

You’re still Awesome if you’re one or the other or a little bit of both.

Movement is always there. You’re human. It just happens.

It’s a good thing to be able to utilise whatever momentum you’ve got.

Acknowledge how totally fucking fabulous you are at doubting yourself & let that shit go! It will certainly slow you down.

Doubt can fuck you over from every angle. Career, relationships, finances & particularly with utilising your intuition.

Self-doubt is a bit of a c*** & it’s always there, skulking around in the background of your conscious mind. Learn to work with it or ignore it. That’s when you start getting shit done!

Get off your ass & do whatever it is that you want to do.

· Do you want to change career?

· Do you want to learn something new?

· Do you want to expand your intuition?

· Do you want to exercise more?

· Do you want to eat better?

· Do you want to get creative?

Don’t let your doubt fuck you over.

Grab whatever momentum you’ve got & use it to your best advantage.

Remember you are a walking, talking fucking miracle! Love the shit out of yourself for that.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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