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Energetically, there’s a whole lot of Shit we can’t control, and so when we are manifesting, yes absolutely have an intention, but also, remain flexible.

When we remain flexible, the Universe can then give us something else, something even better!

When we are willing to be the observer and notice the little ‘internal’ nudges as well as the external messages and signs, we become much more confident knowing we are not alone, because these nudges are more evidence of support.

When ‘they,’ (‘they’ being whoever the Fuck you believe in) know you are listening, honestly, its sooo much Fucking easier for them, and for you.

They really want you to try and listen, feel, hear, understand, see and notice these subtle nudges.

Once you start to tune into whatever the Fuck has your back, my God, things become easier!

It’s very important however to remember you are human and so you will fall back into old habits of doubt and overthinking. This just means it’s a constant cycle of trying again until you become better and better at noticing the nudges, and believe me, you will!

Remember, Shit happens and so we just try again!

Relax into your Awesomeness as much as you can. You have waaay more support than you think you do. 😉

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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