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Whatever you’re doing today, whatever it is you’ve got going on, think about what choices you’re making from your old way of thinking.

New opportunities and choices are available to us all the fucking time, but as humans we are very good at getting stuck in old habits and old thought processes.

We tend to run everything through the filter of all the old shit we’ve done that may have been scary and maybe didn’t go so well for us.

We automatically fall back into the old way of thinking, that it’s all a bit too much. We don’t want to feel scared and do something new, in case it doesn’t work out again.

There is an enormous amount of value in recognising when that doubt comes into your mind and when that ‘fuck no, I can’t do this,’ mentality comes up for you.

It can really help to look at it from a different angle.

Instead of it being about you and your choices, try and imagine it was someone you knew who was trying to make a decision or choice, what advice would you give them?

When we’ve got the perspective of someone else’s choices and decisions, it’s so much easier for us to get great ideas and solutions, because we can see things so much more clearly, when it’s not about us.

If we only listened and took on board half the advice we gave to others.

Choices are scary, believe me I know, but we need to be brave and make them anyway.

Remember, you are braver than you think and have what it takes to make scary choices. Don’t forget, you’re one fucking Amazing being, and totally worthy of the Awesomeness that comes from making these choices.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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