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Aren’t we great at sabotaging our Awesomeness?

So many of us could win first prize for finding all the excuses under the sun as to why we won’t do something.

Where are you procrastinating?

Why are you dicking around?

How are you holding yourself back?

We get in the habit of thinking, ok today I’m going to be Awesome but;

I’ll just do a load of washing first…

I’ll just wash the car first…

I’ll just do the dishes first…

I’ll get onto being Awesome tomorrow…

Etc, etc, etc…

No, no, no! No more bullshit excuses! Get off your ass and get shit done.

Chances are it’ll either be bad habits (yes, self-doubt comes under this category) holding you back or not letting yourself shine as bright as you can out of fear of what others will think.

Who gives a fuck what others think! Who cares if people look at you!

You don’t have to get out on a fucking stage in front of the entire world. You just have to be you! Whether that’s in your job, in your home, or in your community, all you need to be is your Amazing self!

Remember, the world needs more of your Awesomeness in whatever format you offer it. Get your gorgeous ass out there and radiate your Brilliance all over the place. We’d all Love to celebrate you for that.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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