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Do you sometimes feel like you get a nudge from The Universe to do the things you’ve always wanted to?

Do you actually do them?

If your answer is yes - YAY YOU! If you are sitting there justifying why you haven’t done these things yet, observe how quickly your brain will come up with excuses, rather than an action plan.

Some people are great at wanting something and just doing it. But a lot of us need to overthink shit to death before we do it.

All the “what ifs” & “yeah but . . . “ & “no, because” thoughts take place in our brain before we even see them coming & they stop us from taking action. Its good to recognise the little speed humps that we let ourselves get stuck on.

Don’t get distracted by the bullshit excuses. Fuck those!

Obviously there will be some huge things on your list of desires that may take long term planning or a miracle. That doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t happen. Are you actually doing something to make it happen or are you sitting around hoping for good shit?

Fuck it! Just do it!

I don’t care if the most fun-filled, fabulous weekend for you is curling up in bed with a book. If that’s your fun, plan it to happen.

If your idea of fun is going to a public space with lots of other humans, or an art gallery or a music festival, or another country, then what are you actually doing to make it happen?

You don’t know how long you’re here on the planet for so go get some shit done.

Give you dreams some Energy! Manifesting is Awesome; you need to make plans & implement them too. The Universe (or whatever the fuck you believe in) can’t help you on its own. Your contribution to your life & goals matters enormously.

Identify plans & actions that will lead you to achieve your dreams. Actually fucking take the practical steps to move you forward.

You can do it, you totally can. Stop telling yourself you can’t, that’s bullshit!

Your Awesomeness & ability to make totally fucking fabulous things happen is endless.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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