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Let’s stop & pat ourselves on the back for a moment please.

We all need to acknowledge just how resilient we are.

Think of all the shit you’ve been through & yes, I bet at the time you wanted to just give up, huddle on the floor & not leave the house.

But you didn’t because you are Resilient & Brilliant enough to see that there is always a way around things.

We keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We make some calls, change appointments & do what we need to do to get on with things, because that’s what bloody Amazing resilient peeps do.

That’s what you are!

We always make it out the other side & we need to recognise that & be bloody proud of ourselves for doing so.

Even if shit goes wrong regularly in your life, please remember your Amazing level of resilience & just how incredible you are for getting your ass out of bed & getting past it.

The fact that you’ve always gotten through it, needs to be acknowledged.

Imagine actually not getting on with things & not doing what you want to do…now that’s a bloody frightening thought!

Use that fear to keep going! Use it to bounce back from whatever obstacle is in your way.

Channel that Magnificent resilience you have inside you & keep pushing forwards, like you’ve always Brilliantly done.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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