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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is really anything that uses Earth Energy. This modality of Healing was/is commonly used by old cultures and civilisations.

It’s basically tapping into the Energy of the Earth, and using things from the Earth for Healing.

An example of this is when smoking gum leaves are used in First Nations People’s welcoming and closing ceremonies.

It’s all about using the powerful Energy of the Earth & setting an intention to cleanse, clear & shift any stagnant Energy.

One of my favourite things to use for Shamanic Healing is a Smudge stick, which are often made of dried sage leaves. Other “Tools” from the Earth are crystals, flowers, feathers, sticks & wood, just to name a few.

You might be really drawn to a piece of tree because there’s something significant about that tree which your Energy is tuning into. For me personally, it’s Gumtree’s. I absolutely adore Gumtrees. I can always feel a huge amount of Earth Energy coming from them.

Photo by Jaccob McKay, location Olinda VIC, Australia

Tapping into the Energy of animals is also Shamanic Healing, because they too come from the Earth. Tuning into an animal you are drawn too and then finding out their meaning, can have Amazing effects during a Shamanic Healing session.

Sometimes during a session with my clients, I like to use Cockatoo feathers as Cocky’s represent joy, fun, vibrancy and community connection.

Other times, when I’m smudging a client to clear their Energy, I’ll use big beautiful Wedge tail Eagle feathers. When I use these particular feathers and draw on their Energy, I feel strong Shamanic Healing taking place. I can feel the Energy of strength and vision because Eagles are such strong birds with incredible eyesight.

When I use Kookaburra feathers, I’m channeling Healing, laughter and positive Energy. If I was using a Magpie feather, it would be about balance and family.

Another example of something I use for Shamanic Healing is a drum. My drum was handmade by me on a Crystal Shamanic Healing Retreat. I made it using Deer hide & timber, personalising it with intention and Healing aromatherapy oil. The sound of the beautiful deep rhythmic beating naturally gives off Shamanic Healing powers, and you cannot help but feel automatically grounded when you hear it.

There are so many different Modalities to use for Shamanic Healing. As with any Energy Work be sure that whichever of the Shamanic modalities you choose to engage with feel right for you. It’s very important you resonate with the Healing tools you are drawn to, tuning into those that work for you.

Shamanic Healing is definitely my go to. It’s all about using the Energy of the creature, or the source, and drawing on that Energy which comes from the Earth.

So if you are drawn to something, whether it is a feather, leaf, flower, crystal, stick or wood, just be still with it for a few minutes.

Meditate with it, and feel the Gentle, Beautiful, Nurturing, Deep Healing and Powerful Earth Energy coming from it. This is Shamanic Healing.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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