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We all have the power, that Energy inside us to build others up. Even if you’re feeling a bit shit, you still have the capacity to do something nice for someone else.

It can be as simple as deliberately leaving 20c for a little kid to find in a car park at the shops, or sending someone a funny emoji or a meme that will cheer them up.

If someone pops into your head, for fuck sake send them a message, or joke, or better yet, contact them!

It doesn’t matter if it’s someone from high school from a billion years ago, if they pop up in your head, just let them know someone’s thinking of them.

It’s a nice thing to do.

We can share the love.

And watch it come back to you.

It’s not why we do it, but watch it spin around, and like a magnet, it will return to you.

Being nice to people is one thing, but we can level up and share the love.

Because love, attracts love.

You are a Spectacular specimen who is full to the brim with Love, so spread that shit around like glitter and watch as the sparkle returns to you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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