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Sometimes, we just have to take that leap and trust that it’s going to work out.

Yes, it’s scary as fuck, but we need to be brave and do it anyway.

We doubt the shit out of ourselves all the time.

You can be as Intuitive as they come and still doubt your abilities, worrying everything is going to go wrong.

It’s funny how encouraging we can be for other people’s plans and ideas, but when it comes to our own, we just don’t think they’re any good. We find it really hard to have the same level of encouragement for ourselves.

Sometimes just trusting and letting the Universe do its thing, whether it’s changing careers, more study, family situation changes, friendship adjustments, putting yourself out there to meet more people, or starting a personal training session, whatever it is, it’s often a leap that will get us there.

We need to ask ourselves what we really want to do. And then we need to trust, take that leap and give it a crack!

Remember, sometimes when we take a leap of faith, we end up being presented with something even more Brilliant than we ever thought possible.

Trust the Universe has your back, it really does want you to succeed, especially someone as bloody Fabulous as yourself!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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