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What do you want?

It’s an extremely important question, yet often rather difficult to answer!

Tune into what you actually want.

What are you pushing towards?

Or an even better place to start is what are you fucking sick of?

Sometimes when we’re asked what we want, we don’t actually know the answer.

It can be the same as if we are asked what makes us happy. Again, we sometimes really stumble on the actual answer.

The good news is it’s not actually a bad thing for us to not have the answer.

A lot of us are in the habit of just surviving. Do the job, earn the money, pay the bills and smile when you’re outside.

We’re not actually feeling a connection to ourselves and doing what lights us up.

It’s extremely common to feel like this, so don’t feel like you’re broken if you’re going through this. You just haven’t found your thing yet.

You may just need to start asking questions of what you want to get rid of first. Then start moving towards what you actually want.

It is 100% possible to find the thing that feeds your soul and makes you happy, I promise you!

Remember, some of us may not have yet worked out how to answer those questions, but we are all deserving of finding the answers.

We are all worthy of figuring out what makes us happy and answering the universe when it asks us what we want.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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