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We have this weird scenario in our heads that when we do try something new, it has to be big and dramatic and everything will change straight away. We think that if we want to give something a go, we have to mic-drop the things we are currently doing and leap into exciting, unfamiliar territory.

Please remember that you CAN step into things slowly. You can try it out before you change things dramatically.

For example: you could set aside a couple of hours here and there after work to give your new thing a go. Change in your world doesn’t have to be big, earth shattering or fast.

Whatever way you need to do it, you’ll still be expanding. You can still be changing if you’re adjusting to things slowly. You can take your time until you get the evidence you need to know it’s going to be ok. To know that there’s going to be safety and security in whatever it is you’re doing.

A perfect example of someone doing it like this, is ME!

I was too fucking scared to step onto being a Psychic Medium for years, so I just slowly started doing it on the side. I was so worried about what everyone would think when I essentially ‘came out of the closest’ and told everyone I was Psychic. I thought everyone would hate my guts.

But you know what? They didn’t!

In fact, I’ve met soooo many Beautiful people who have come my way as a result of me stepping out and I never could have guessed that… probably should have, being psychic and all! 😉

It was the best fucking decision I have made. Don’t get me wrong it was also fucking terrifying at the time, but I did it anyway.

I’m not the only example. Take a look around at all the people doing what they’ve always wanted to. Look at all people in their 30’s and 40’s doing apprenticeships because they’ve always wanted to be a builder or electrician etc. Anyone going back and re training or getting degrees and other qualifications later on in life.

That’s a big deal. Yet they did it. I’m sure you know people you can look to as inspiration.

Remember, you’re only here once in this current human format so don’t fuck around. Time is all you’ve got so use it to your advantage. You are so deserving of stepping up.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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