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Wouldn’t it be great if there were a clear & concise manual to “Being Human”?

We often feel as though we are going around in random and chaotic series of events. But I tend to see our travels through Life as manageable cycles.

Yes, things turn to shit from time to time. Please remember though that we have the ability to Guide ourselves in the direction of improvement too.

Sometimes you will need support with that. Reaching out to a professional or a mate who can hold your hand or Heart through a rough patch can make all the difference to navigating your way out of the crap you’ve found yourself in.

I always admire the people who are able to ask for help.

Recognise those times that you’re on a wonderful high! Where everything is going well & your Energy feels vibrant.

In these Gorgeous chunks of your timeline, it is easy to see & feel the wonderful things about Life. Reminisce if you need to but bring that joy to the present moment rather than staying in the past.

The flow & cycles of Life are constantly evolving. We never stay in the one state.

There is always more available to you.

· More Laughter

· More Love

· More Connection

· More Abundance

· More Learning

And here’s a thought, what if things just kept getting better and better? Even better than you imagined!

What if that happened?

Make room in your Energy for positive opportunities to flow your way.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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